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Are success stories of gamblers pulling the whole world into a trap?

We have heard a lot of success stories about gambling. Most people think that gambling can save them from debts, help them make a lot of money and live a king-size life. But how much of that is actually true? There are only a very few success stories when it comes to putting all your money in gambling and then expecting huge returns. These few success stories are largely spoken about, but a large number of lives that went into hideouts due to gambling never reach the surface. So here is the question to all of us, are we deceived by the success stories, or is it just the way the world works?

Are success stories deceiving?

We have heard of a lot of success stories when it comes to gambling, or should I put it the other way round. We have been listening to the same few stories again and again that our brain starts believing that all of this stuff is true or at least gambling works for life. If you ever listen to the negative effects that gambling has on the lives the people you will never want to talk about it. So to put it out bluntly gambling stories are, for sure, deceiving. Only a one in a million people might simply enter into a casino smartly place his bets, pull the wool over everybody’s eye and win a hefty price. Since people speak a lot about these success stories, it acts as a means to trap the other people you are leading a mediocre life. That why we say that success stories can act as bait.

Why can casinos be evil?


Casinos are considered evil for the following reasons. In most of the cases, the casinos will conceal a lot of facts. You will always be a decent player if you are bold enough to step into a casino and place your bets. So initially all your deals are successful. This draws you in further than you were in the past. This way you are more and more attracted to the casino. The initial success will not persist for a long time. Soon the real game will kick start, and you will feel the real heat of the casinos. Your dealers who were once kind and friendly will turn out to be your real enemies. Have you heard of house edge? It is the advantage of the casino house over every player and the way they get to enjoy the profit from every move made by the player. The gaming rules, the move of the player and that of the dealer are all designed in such a way that they always add to the profits of the casino owners, irrespective of whether you make profits or loses.

So are casinos bad?

Again, we wouldn’t want you to drop down to a negative conclusion as this. Casinos aren’t bad. It is just the players’ addiction level and the lack of smartness when it comes to placing bets and gambling. Apart from that gambling is always fun. The players just have to make sure that they do not lose themselves to casinos and go bankrupt.

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